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R & I is the leader in the Nutone and Broan replacement parts business.
We are always available to you via our toll free number 800-525-7194, or Fax 888-992-9696.
You can also reach us at 
Click on the model number to see a complete parts list.

Some parts may be marked "Void or no longer available". This indicates that Nutone no longer produces this part. However, please call R & I as many of these parts are still available through us.

Here is also a list of the power units that are used in Nutone chimes

LIGHTBULBS C305,C306 C500,C501 CD115WH CD121NL CD130 DK308
K23 K46 KA10,KB10 L12 L13 L14 L15
L16 L17 L18 L19 L20 L21 L22
L23 L24 L26 L27 L28 L30 L31
L32 L33 L34 L35 L36 L37 L38
L39 L41 L42 L43 L45 L46 L47
L48 L49 L50 L51,L52 L53,54 L56 L58
L59 L60 L65 L70N L70 L71 L72
L73 L74 L80 L82 L83 L84 L86,L87


L90 L91 L92,L93,L94 LA8 LA9 LA12 LA13
LA14 LA15 LA16 LA17 LA18 LA19 LA20
LA21 LA22 LA23 LA24 LA25 LA26 LA27
LA28 LA29 LA30 LA31 LA32 LA33 LA34
LA35 LA36 LA37 LA38 LA39 LA40 LA41
LA42 LA43 LA44 LA45 LA46 LA47 LA48
LA42 LA43 LA44 LA45 LA46 LA47 LA48
LA49 LA50 LA51 LA52 LA53 LA55


LA59 LA60.LA61 LA64 LA65PB LA66 LA70MA LA71
LA74 LA75 LA76 LA77 LA78 LA79 LA80
LA81 LA84 LA86,LA87


LA92 LA99 LA107 LA108
LA109 LA110 LA111 LA114 LA116,LA117 LA119 LA126
LA127 LA128 LA129 LA130 LA131 LA139 LA140
LA141 LA143,LA144 LA147,LA148


LA154 LA155 LA156 LA157
LA163 LA164 LA165 LA166 LA174 LB12 LB13
LB14 LB18 LB19 LB21 LB24 LB25 LB26
LB31 LB32 LB33 LB34 LB36 LB38 LB39
LB42 LB46 LB55.LBC55 LB56 LB70 LB71 LB72
LB75 LB76 LC24 LC25 LC26 LC38 LC42
LC56 LD21 LD38 LD49 LD55 MC302 MC303,


MC310 MCV309N VG74 VG107 VG121 VG123 VG124
VG128 VG130 VG132 VG135 VG139 VG152 VG190

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